Tech Culture Report 2021

Discover how to build and preserve your company culture. Find out what tech companies focus on and what employees are more concerned about at the moment with this culture report. 
Nailted Tech culture report 2021 cover - HR report

What's inside this culture report?

  • Company culture data from over 5.500 anonymous employees who use Nailted
  • What is making the highest impact on employee satisfaction and eNPS score
  • Data about how company culture has evolved since 2020
  • Insights on tech employees’ concerns 
  • How preserving company culture is positively impacting their employee engagement

Everything about how these tech companies work on employee engagement

Building and preserving a positive company culture has become essential to any organization that wants to succeed. From talent attraction to employee retention, company culture is the backbone to cultivating a happy workplace. 

When there’s positive company culture, it’s easier for people to find a purpose in their work. Therefore, employee satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity rise. 

The present culture report shows an overview of how company culture in tech organisations has evolved. How tech companies foster employee satisfaction and employee engagement by listening to their people and caring for their well-being.

Improving employee retention and employee satisfaction understanding what really matters to people