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75% of respondents said their work environment does not always reflect the culture their company promotes.

What will you learn from this report?

Thanks to the Tech Culture Report 2020 study, you will be able to understand which factors are important to people and which should be considered by organizations to act over in order to achieve a great employee satisfaction, improving the company's levels of turnover and attraction.

Obtain a clear picture about the state of the company culture in Spain's tech industry.

Understand how a company’s culture can impact the most relevant HR/People key results.

Learn which cultural factors are more meaningful for people working on Spanish tech ecosystem.

What can I find in the report?

By downloading the full report you can:

  • Data from more than 800 employees of Spain’s tech companies 
  • Insights on what’s important to this sector’s workers in terms of company culture.
  • A set of conclusions and recommendations to strengthen your company’s culture.
Only 24.13% of people said that they know without any kind of doubt what they need to do to meet their goals and objectives at work.