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Our help during COVID-19 crisis

At Nailted we are following the current situation with COVID-19 with concern and very closely and we want to lend a hand where possible. We don’t say anything new when we say that the most important thing in any company is its people and, now that the vast majority are working from home, taking care of the mood of our teams is more important and more complicated than ever.

Therefore, we are going to give the possibility of using Nailted at no cost during this Alarm State. Aimed especially at all companies that are having a hard time with this situation.

Because with the whole team working remotely, conversations can be in a chat, communications in an email and meetings in a video call, but how can you detect if something is wrong? How can you motivate your team? How to give feedback remotely? We are social beings, and face to face we can be more or less good at doing these things, but in the distance it is much more complicated.

If you think this applies to you, create your account now and we’ll talk :)