Best practices in Employee Engagement

Working on Employee Engagement has become a priority for People & Culture leaders. If we want to face the great resignation and therefore reduce our turnover rate, this is something we need to think about!

The reality is that you can never do enough to engage employees. That’s why we’ve put together best practices in Employee Engagement from People & Culture Leaders so we can get down to the nitty-gritty to see our eNPS grow!

Best practices in Employee Engagement cover | A People management guide to implementing best practices in your workplace

A people management guide

Discover best practices that have proven to work for People & Culture leaders in tech companies:

  • How we can build bonds among our employees.
  • Why is feedback so important and how we can easily make a habit of it in our company.
  • How we can define a great onboarding culture.
  • How we can face the challenges of the future.
  • And many more!

Made by People & Culture leaders!

María Paula Bonilla

Talent Manager at Platzi

Silvia Infante

Head of People at Minka_

Mª Ángeles Aguilar

People Director at Nailted

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