Get your team aligned with your company culture

Grow a culture of feedback to drive your organization into a continuous improvement cycle

How it works?

Collect data from your team, detect improvement opportunities, get feedback and put in practise the initiatives to get up to the next level

Feature 01


Use our software for gather data from your organization in a automatic and recurrent way without any of your interaction.

Feature 02


We put at your dispossal all the KPIs in a dashboard. You could drill down on each topic, by team, and see every metric and it's evolution over time.

Feature 03


Once you detect a potential improvement, you could request for feedback with 1 click. This way all the members of the team will be able to participate.

Feature 04


Keep measuring how you changes impact on your organization so you will always know if you're going in the right direction.

Return of investment

Get a happy team should be enough goal, but on top of that, its a profitable in terms of money: An aligned and motivated team could perform up to 21% more. (source: Gallup Research)

How much an unhappy employee cost you? And how much to replace the last person who left the team burned out? How much money are your business losing for not going faster?


Start using Nailted for your company is as simple as copy & paste a list of team members. That's all.

Since the first week you'll be monitoring your team status and detecting issues that you could address. Do not wait any more to release your teams true potential!

A tested model

Our measuring model is based on Google's research about high successful teams, which defines the best practises and topics that are the key indicators of a trully functional team.


Free 14 days trial included in all plans. No credit card required.

Perfect for individual teams
  • 1 admin user
  • Basic metric panel
  • Claps and feedback between teammates
Recommended for organizations
  • All Nailted features
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Team segmentation
  • Advanced metric panel
  • Support by email + chat
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  • All included in "Business"
  • Priority support + phone
  • SLA's by contract
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