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📚 Data from more than 800 employees: Understand the industry with the Culture Report 2020 Download now

The best way to get a team aligned with your company culture

Understand, motivate and boost the performance of your team by adopting a culture based on feedback

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More than 6.000 people are using Nailted to make their company culture thrives
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Boost your



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Nailted will help you align your people and create an awesome culture.

Realtime people analytics

More than 50 metrics available

The employee net promoter score is the most common metric to measure your people's satisfaction.

Health & Burnout

Both individually and aggregated data about your team to identify those who are in risk of burnout or team most urgent pains.


Understand the frequency and the level of recognition and create symbolic awards for the people who are applying it more.


Create a culture of feedback is a must, and with Nailted you’ll be able to see how deep is it going in your organization.

How it works?

Nailted will set up an alignment framework based on industry best practises on feedback and people management that will make your team thrive, all out-of-the-box.

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Based on agile principles #AgileHR.
  • Workflow integrated in your day a day by Slack or Email.
  • Adaptable to all types of organizations, from 5 people to 5.000.
how it works
Why Nailted works?

Our work is based on Google's studies about work psychology in which they clearly identified that the “psychological safety” is the nº 1 trait of the best performing teams.

Without Nailted
Company's culture, feedback and recognition are arbitrary
  • Reactive problem solving
  • One-to-one meetings without clear agendas
  • Undefined feedback workflow
  • Messy communication
With Nailted
Establish industry best practices effortless
  • Preventive problem solving
  • Run one-to-one meetings with clear agendas
  • Clear feedback channels
  • Specific rituals for each feedback type

Nailted is incredible easy

  • Zero-setup software, mobilize your entire organization within seconds. You won't believe it is so easy!
  • Don’t worry, we’ll take care of your team’s onboarding, we have a global participation ratio of 80%
  • You don’t need to install anything (no new apps, no users, no need to give access to your current data)
  • We help you and your team to acquire new habits easily


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📚 Data from more than 800 employees: Understand the industry with the Culture Report 2020 Download now