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Understand your people, involve everyone

The employee engagement platform for modern People & HR teams who want to deliver the best employee experience.

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More than 8,000 people are using Nailted to make their company culture thrive
Nailted platform

Not just a tool, but a way of doing things

Nailted guides you, and your entire organization, to apply best practices on employee engagement toward the creation of a culture that everyone wants to belong to.

Understand your people better

Gain insights, detect burnouts and much more….

Real-time people analytics
Collect data from multiple sources like pulse surveys and 1:1s, so you always have up-to-date people insights, especially when working remotely.
Built-in workflows and surveys
Don’t reinvent the wheel and use a trustworthy method. Measure your eNPS, satisfaction, and wellness levels, among others, with our built-in dashboards based on Google’s research.
Drive real change, together
Identifying issues is just the first step. We help you fix what’s wrong and improve what’s working right. Share your insights, involve everyone to find the best solution and take action.
People analytics

Involve your managers easily

Rely on your managers to boost your engagement

Get them onboard
Make sure they are on top of their team. Regular 1:1 meetings are a must, and we help you get every one of your managers to adopt this habit and prevent an inconsistent culture.
Get direct feedback from them
No need to ask everyone all the time. You’ll have, directly in your dashboard, the necessary insights to see how all 1:1s are going and easily detect red flags.
Do it right
Follow best practices. Define action items and goals and track them within the meeting. Ensure the follow up of career goals.
specific tool for managers

Motivate your people and develop friendship

Benefit from one of the best engagement techniques

Create a habit
Make sure all good things are communicated. We help your people develop the habit of recognizing each other's achievements. People love this!
Align behaviours
Carry out positive reinforcement that encourages your employees to replicate good behaviours, and so create a consistent culture.
Recognition, correctly done
This is one of your best tools, don’t waste it! Celebrating shouldn’t be a competition nor a performance KPI. Make sure you separate employee recognition from rewards and create a positive culture.
how it works

Create the right culture

Either you have an unwittingly created culture or you design it, what’s gonna be?

Create a safe space
Normalizing feedback is key to psychological safety. Promote a feedback-based culture with frequent and lightweight feedback loops.
Peer feedback, properly done
Receiving feedback at work could be a gift or a nightmare. Make sure it’s a positive thing by doing it the right way.
feedback loops

Easier than you may think

As easy as sending a Google Form, but fully automated

Everything is built-in
No need to do complicated training or consulting sessions. Connect via email, BambooHR, Slack or other APIs so you can launch it within minutes.
Non-distracting & straightforward
Nailted UX is designed to be self-explanatory and extremely lightweight, so you’ll only have to invest an average of 3 minutes per week.
At your own beat
We know HR teams are busy, so we've designed it to adjust your team workload and still have visibility on important and urgent matters.

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