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How EXCEM has undergone a major change in its culture

Ela Sobrino, HR Director at EXCEM

Company overview

Excem Technologies is a consolidated company with over thirty years of dedication to the world of security, telecommunications and intelligence. They are recognized for developing high technology projects in the security, defense and cybersecurity sector thanks to their great team made of talented people.

Industry: Technological - Size: +100 - Location: 4 countries


Encourage equal participation: EXCEM worforce is hungry for challenges and participation and with each incorporation the need of contributing to the company culture increases.

Gather all employees comments on company matters: they needed a channel to centralize all improvement ideas and suggestions that may come up.

Involve everyone: EXCEM aim was to involve the whole workforce in getting a good work atmosphere and improving their routine quality.

Why Nailted?

Huge change in their company culture: EXCEM Technologies has accomplished to set a clear direction toward the goal of achieving a balance between the company culture they had before and what they are now.

A transparent communication channel for employees: they have implemented a unique, bidirectional, clear and noise-free channel in the company.

Valuable people analytics: the People & Culture team receives transparent and clear information that leads to actionable decisions.

Visibility on their employees’ engagement: they are able to evaluate their employees’ engagement level and get valuable information: 23.000 claps sent and 250 suggestions made in just 8 months!

Insights on their people’s wellbeing: the mood map has allowed EXCEM Technologies to follow up on their workforce wellbeing in short-term periods and define preventive measures.

Avoid major concerns: now they can identify minor conflicts in time before these become major problems.

Ela Sobrino
HR Director at EXCEM
"One of Nailted main benefits is that it allows us to foresee, it allows us to act before something becomes a major problem"

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