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Boost Employee Motivation

36% of employees claim they leave their jobs because of lack of recognition. Make sure everyone’s work is recognized.

Focus on employee recognition

Set up a habit that works

Make recognition a habit that works
Create the habit in your team. Spontaneous recognition is good but difficult to control that it is being carried out in the right way.

Encourage your people to share recognition messages
Take the opportunity to encourage them to share feedback and recognize the good work and achievements of their colleagues through claps.

Establish a fun gamification
Help people enjoy a powerful recognition process through claps and encourage them to send them to their colleagues every week.

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Make sure everyone feels involved

Create connection in the team, even in remote work

Don’t let your people feel left out
Ensure that there is at least one moment of connection and that it occurs in a positive way. Encourage participation by sending automatic messages.

Make sure everyone’s work is recognized
Analize your anonymized data to track participation levels. Make sure everyone is getting claps, while preserving your people’s anonymity at all times and not being intrusive.

Boost people’s morale and keep the team connected in hard times
Encourage your people to start the week with fully charged batteries. Release all claps on Mondays automatically.

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Do it the right way

Avoid mistakes by using methods that already work

Encourage participation with a light process
People are busy. Don’t rely on meetings to create those moments of recognition. With a light process like claps, your people can send their messages when it suits them best.

Protect their privacy to avoid side effects
To achieve a purer recognition and avoid unconciously manipulating the messages because they are seen by everyone, encourage people to recognize each other’s achievements in private through claps. 

Don’t show public rankings or give rewards
Prevent comparisons between people. When a recognition process works, it never becomes a competition.

👉🏻 Start encouraging participation in your company
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"We always want some recognition for what we’re doing in our day to day. But it’s also remembering, how can I show gratitude as well from my part. So this is really interesting and actually where Nailted has helped us within the team."

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