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Measure your organizational climate

Obtain visibility on blind spots, detect toxic behaviors, dissatisfaction and areas of improvement.

Address toxic behaviors

Uncover problems that are usually overlooked

Gain visibility on hidden conflicts
Within your organization through the anonymous feedback channel.

Discover where those conflicts originate
Thanks to segmentation: the marketing team, the product team? 

Get to the root of the problem
By digging deep into your employee data through built-in metrics: is it related to a lack of trust, communication, or maybe support among peers? 

Dive deeper into those unpleasant situations
Sending custom polls to your people.

👉🏻 Start discovering hidden conflicts in your company
Address toxic behaviors picture

Identify areas of improvement

Act before smalls issues become major problems

Discover your people’s concerns 
At a glance: conciliation, stress, autonomy?

Track down in which teams
Those concerns have been brought to light thanks to your segmented groups: in the sales team, people with children, people over 35 years old?

Delve into the feedback received
And launch custom polls to understand the scope of their worries.

👉🏻 Identify your company's areas of improvement
Identify areas of improvement picture

Uncover each person lacks

Fix what is not working as it should

Get an overall picture
Of your people’s mood while preserving their anonymity.

Detect your people at risk
And discover their major lacks: psychological safety, motivation & autonomy, engagement, eNPS?

Respect their anonymity
But still get in contact with them. Take action and avoid small conflicts from escalating into major problems.

👉🏻 Start discovering your people's lacks now
Uncover each person lacks picture
"Nailted has opened our eyes to several realities that went unnoticed on a daily basis, minor conflicts, inequalities, miscommunication, and even employee experiences that were not as satisfactory as they should be."

Ready to discover how your people experience your company culture?

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Detect burnout and retain your talent
Detect burnout in time and get the insights you need to retain your talent.
Keep employee satisfaction high
Monitor employee satisfaction to make sure it remains as high as possible over time