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Make better decisions with the right insights, in real time.

Your people KPIs, always updated, and completely automated.
Prevent conflicts, burnouts and continuously improve your culture.

With frequent feedback loops, you and your managers will always have your people’s pulse, and the whole company will be more aligned.

Become a more valuable HR team

We take care of repetitive task so you can do more value work

Save hundred of hours
Don’t build the wheel again. We give you questions, surveys, reminders, follow ups… Everything is built-in so you can focus on improving.
No more chasing
No more going after people to make them fill your Google Form. Be a helpful resource, not the person who gives them more work.
1-click reporting
+40 KPIs of your people, so you are always ready for your next management meeting

How it works

Useful insights from multiple data sources

Seamlessly understand how many promoters, passives and detractors you’ve in each team.
Pulse survey
Built-in research-based topics and questions.
1:1 meeting
Get qualitative data directly from managers to better understand each person.
Use recognition as a proxy for motivation. More recognition, more motivation.
How it works

See it in action

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Each person wellness matters

We give you information on individuals to help you engage with them

The picture of your people
Besides having analytics of groups, we’ll show you a map from each person. This is the picture of your team’s mood.
It helps you take action
Contact with people at risk and prevent small conflicts from becoming hard issues.
Manager’s input
Collect data from each manager’s 1:1 meetings with their reports to detect red flags.
Each person wellness matters

Be agile, my friend

Because things are constantly changing

Lightweight process
We know, everyone is sooo busy. It’s hard to make them participate, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Nailted participation ranges between 75% and 90%.
Short cycles
Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but always short loops. Small but frequent surveys to continuously improve.
Measure your evolution
By doing so, you’ll be able to understand the impact of your actions. How is your latest policy performing? You just need to take a look at your metrics and you’ll have the answer.
Lightweight process

Get everyone buy-in

Align all stakeholders by adding value to all of them

For Team Members
Enable everyone to have a voice and create a sense of belonging and trust.
For Managers
Help managers do a better job by giving them insights of their teams.
For HR
Always stay aware of what’s going on in your teams. Get the feeling of having everything under control.

Frequently Asked Questions

As easy as sending a Google Form, but fully automated

Is it anonymous?

By default, yes, it is. People can identify themselves if they want to. This will increase the chances for you to detect blind spots.

Can I create custom segments?

Yes. Do you want to check how new hires are doing during their onboarding period? how do people with children feel? or, just the sales team? You can create any custom group of people within your company to better visualize your data.

How much time do I have to wait to get the first data?

Answering takes less than 1 minute, so you will have your eNPS data within minutes and more detailed metrics within the first day.

Do I need to train my employees on a new app?

No. Your people won't need new credentials to use it nor install a new app. Nailted works seamlessly via email or slack and every interaction is designed to get them on board.

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