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Whistleblower hotline for companies

Comply with the law and offer your employees a whistleblowing channel through which they can report irregularities anonymously.

Comply with the Whistleblowing Directive and avoid penalties

Discover irregularities and act in time

Compliance obligation
Whether your company is public or private, you must have a whistleblowing channel in your company.
Avoid risks
Derived from non-compliance with the Whistleblowing Directive.
Strengthen your compliance program
Have an internal channel for confidential reporting, establishing a robust system of protection against retaliation.Export your reports if you need to.
Nailted's whistleblower channel inbox

A space to report irregularities


Early detection of illicit behaviors
Curb them before their severity increases and proceed according to the law.
Reduce negative impact
Both in the employees themselves and in the company's internal operations.
Fully anonymous
Ensure that your people feel comfortable so that more employees use the whistleblower channel.
Report irregularities with Nailted's whistleblower channel

Whistleblower Software: quick and easy to use

Open the channel to a speak up culture

Protect your employees
Preserves the identity of whistleblowers and protects the security of the team through completely anonymous messages.
Avoid loss of information
Collect all complaint messages in one place and associate a different ID to each of them.
Monitoring and two-way communication
Facilitate the flow of information between the complainant and the company through a message chat, acknowledgement of receipt and complaints’ status update while preserving anonymity.
Two-way communication with Nailted's whistleblower channel

Your mandatory Whistleblower Hotline integrated with your Engagement processes

Connect all processes for the benefit of the employee experience

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Performance reviews
360 feedback to allocate your employees in the development matrix.
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1:1 Meetings
1:1 feedback to discover people at risk.
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Employee recognition
Positive feedback to foster fellowship and a good workplace climate.
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People Analytics
1:1 feedback to discover people at risk.

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