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Keep employee satisfaction high

Monitor employee satisfaction to make sure it remains as high as possible over time

Identify dissatisfaction

Amend any potential decrease

Monitor the evolution
Of your employee satisfaction over time. Uncover periods or specific moments of job dissatisfaction by looking at accurate metrics.

Discover where there is lack of satisfaction
Thanks to group segmentation: in the New York office, among people over 50 years old? 

Get to the root of the problem
By going in depth in your employees data: conciliation, happiness, fun at work? 

Take action to prevent damage
To team morale in time before burnout results in employee turnover.

👉🏻 Start identifying employee dissatisfaction now
Identify dissatisfaction picture

Discover the right path for change

Measure the evolution of your employee satisfaction

Collect real-time data
From multiple sources such as surveys, custom polls, the recognition process and 1:1 meetings.

Identify points of conflict
By looking at underperforming metrics and take action on them.

Fix what doesn’t work
As it should and enhance what’s already performing good in your company.

Measure your eNPS
Satisfaction and wellness levels, among others, over time to appreciate evolution.

👉🏻 Discover how to improve your employee satisfaction
Discover the right path for change picture

Fulfil your employees’ expectations

Get feedback that leads to the right decisions

Use surveys and launch custom polls
To identify employees’ concerns and expectations. Don’t let problems go overlooked. 

Delve into the feedback received
To uncover actionable strategies for improving your employee satisfaction. 

Define actions to increase satisfaction
And measure their evolution over time. Discover those actions that work for your people and help fulfil their expectations.

👉🏻 Start gathering quality feedback
Fulfil your employees’ expectations picture
"Previous to using Nailted, we really didn’t know the current status of our people and since we’ve started to use Nailted we have an operating system for all employee satisfaction. It is easier to know how people are and what to do at every time."

Ready to keep satisfaction high and see it evolve over time?

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Detect burnout in time and get the insights you need to retain your talent.
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