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Apply Agile in your HR team

Be more agile in anticipating conflicts and adapting to change. Focus on doing more valuable work that impacts positively in your company culture.

Anticipate conflicts

Increase your speed of responsiveness

Measure your organizational climate
In short-term periods through the anonymous feedback channel.

Uncover conflicts effortlessly at a glance
Anticipate these unpleasant situations and get enough time to define preventive measures.

Adapt to change rapidly with up-to-date data
Make well-informed decisions before minor problems become major concerns.

Don’t waste time in collecting data manually
Get real-time data that is continuously being updated with regular automated processes.

👉🏻 Start being agile in conflict detection now
Anticipate conflicts picture

Define ever-improving better actions

Based on accurate and real-time data

Collect employee feedback effortlessly
Send out fully automated surveys, check-ins, 360 and custom polls on a regular basis.

Get real-time results
Automatically fed with new feedback on a continuous basis.

Discover in which groups there’s room for improvement
At first sight thanks to segmentation: the sales team, the design team, people with children?

Dig deep into your employee data
Optimize your time taking action where it will really have an impact: do employees lack trust, do they wish to get additional support, do they feel stressed?

Take accurate actions
Measure in real time their evolution to anticipate, adapt to any alterations and appreciate if changes have landed properly.

👉🏻 Move to agile decision making
Define ever-improving better actions picture

No more repetitive tasks

More time for valuable work

Don’t gather and match all your employee data manually
Collect real-time data from multiple sources such as surveys, custom polls and one-on-one meetings automatically.

Don’t invest time searching for the right questions
Get pre-configured surveys that work based on best practices.

Don’t chase your people to answer your surveys
Reminders and follow-ups are fully automated.

Invest your time in anticipating to conflicts and adapt to changes
Rather than finding new ways to get answers from your people: set up fully automated feedback loops.

👉🏻 Stop spending time on repetitive tasks
No more repetitive tasks picture
"One of the unique aspects of naitled is its wow effect, it is something very easy and very fast to implement but with which you get great results. What we used to spend days on before, now we just need to access our dashboard and start working."

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