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While working from home, understanding your team is vital

Define clear routines and communication channels, because things at a distance do not happen spontaneously.

Taking care of your remote employees is hard, but it’s possible to do it the right way.

Nailted automatically triggers the right events at the right time to make it easy for you to keep your remote team engaged.

Moving to a remote-hybrid model?

Learn about best practices, essential tools and expert opinions on the remote-hybrid model with our free guide.

Keep an eye on everyone

Get regular feedback and insights from your people

Detect burnouts & more
Looking at people's faces on a computer screen it’s not enough. Perform regular check-ins and easily visualize your results to detect people at risk.
Give everyone a voice
Automatic conversation triggers to bring up relevant topics combined with an anonymous layer, will help you get everyone to say whatever they think.
Mood map with conversations

Recognize & motivate

When recognition is no longer spontaneous

Fight the remote loneliness
Working from a distance could make people feel apart. Don’t let this happen and make everyone feel part of the team.
Async but powerful process
Create a habit to recognize everybody’s achievements, even asynchronously, and start the week full of motivation.
Meaningful recognition
Managers and leaders can easily praise their people on important matters to make sure recognition has an impact.
sending and receiving claps

Reduce your people’s uncertainty

And help everyone stay calm and focus

Regular peer feedback
Make asking and receiving feedback a habit to make people engaged with each other and create a sense of belonging.
Make everyone stay aligned
Help everyone understand what they are doing well and what they don't. Reduce the uncertainty and enter the continuous improvement loop.
Peer feedback

Help managers build trust

A specific tool to run remote 1:1s

Efficient remote meetings
A dedicated tool for running remote 1:1s will help you to be more efficient and organized, and build better relationships.
Monitor how things are going
No need to have tons of conversations to make sure who’s doing fine and who isn’t. Just look at your 1:1 metrics and that’s it.
one-on-one agenda

Works with your favourite tools

Get ready within minutes

Save time
Optimize your remote communications. Take care of your people and reduce the amount of time invested in doing so.
Slack or email integration
Use it with your current tools, there’s no need to log in new users or onboarding your team on another platform. It won’t feel like a new app for them.
No configuration required
No need for previous knowledge. Nailted is designed to follow best practices so you don’t need to create your process, just let us guide you.

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