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While working from home, understand your team is vital

Encourage a feedback and recognition culture in your company, no matter where they are

The challenge of integrate a remote team

Communication inside the company changes dramatically when we change the office to remote

At the office Remotely
πŸ’¬ How do you keep a conversation? In person Chat or phone
πŸ‘­ How do you run a meeting? In a meeting room Phone or video
πŸ”« How do you solve a conflict? Meetings or just a coffee no-solution
πŸ‘ How do you give recognition? Just spontaneous no-solution
😍 How do you know the team's mood? Day by day in person no-solution
πŸ˜„ How do you strength the fellowship? Usual social interactions no-solution

How is your team feeling?

In the office, a small gesture could give us tons of information of a person's mood, but working from home, even a videocall it's not the same.

Facilitate a feedback-based culture for your team

Make the standard for your team to give and receive feedback and remove the dependency of meet in person. Make sure your whole organization is improving constantly, wherever they are.


Motivate your team by recognizing their merits

We are used to celebrating achievements at work spontaneously, but this does not happen at distance. Promote recognition by sending virtual applause every Friday!

  • Mood map
    To see your team's picture
  • Anonymous channel
    So you don't lose anything
  • Weekly 1-1 feedback
    Continuous improvement, in the most lightweight way
  • Virtual claps
    Gamification to achieve intrinsic motivation

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