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Practical guide: How to make feedback a habit in your company Download guide

Create a feedback culture

Create the necessary conditions to make feedback an essential part of everyday life in your company.

Build the right culture

Recurrence becomes a habit

Create the habit in your people
Send questions and recognition messages, and encourage managers to do one-on-one meetings regularly to put feedback at the core of your culture.

Launch frequent and lightweight feedback loops
Make recognition become a habit and part of your culture. You can introduce Friday claps among your employees, for example.

Launch lightweight check-ins and 360
In this way it will be easier and faster to normalize feedback over time and make it a fundamental part of your company culture.

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Build the right culture picture

Create a truly safe space

Normalizing feedback is key to psychological safety

Foster closeness and trust among employees
Normalize the habit of giving and receiving feedback in your company.

Encourage fellowship
Create good vibes and develop friendship among the team with an engaging recognition process via claps.

Promote stronger, supportive and trusting relationships
Between managers and reports offering them the opportunity to express their opinions openly and regularly via one-on-one meetings.

👉🏻 Encourage a safe space for your people
Create a truly safe space picture
"Nailted is a new channel that allows you to work with different tools, and different approaches and different moments for feedback, and it helps the team, it helps a lot."

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