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Performance reviews don’t have to be so complex

At Nailted, we have found the key to agile and easy performance reviews. A process that suits 90% of People & HR teams, with advanced configurations for the remaining 10%.

Easy and agile for everyone.
Measure company values and team competencies easily.

Easy for HR to launch, manage and have everything in one place.
Easy for managers to get involved and evaluate performance.
Easy for the team to do and understand the feedback received.

It's a really easy process

From zero to hero in 2 clicks

Default settings and types of reviews
Self-evaluation, peer evaluation, manager evaluation, manager-to-report evaluation, 180 and 360 feedback.
Preset templates for reviews
6-month performance review, reviews for managers, values alignment and many more. No need to reinvent the wheel!
Automated nominations
But with editing options, to make everything simpler and more agile.
People analytics
People analytics

Full control of your feedback campaigns

Under your control

Set manager roles
Take work off your hands by giving them permission to decide who gives feedback to whom.
Absolute visibility
Gain visibility into the progress of campaigns, for you and the admins you choose.
Who participates and anonymity
Configure participants and whether they can know who has sent them feedback or not.

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Clear and actionable results

Always on top of your performance reviews

Matrix for competencies & values
Measure them by team in 2 clicks and obtain the professional development matrix.
Calibration step
Prevent the same employee from receiving very different feedback and results from each person.
Choose which results to deliver
Results and feedback from everyone in the team or only from the manager.
Find the right time to deliver them
Decide how to send the results, all at once or one by one.
People analytics

Do you prefer a stand-alone reviews tool or one that is fully integrated with the other feedback processes?

Our feedback processes are continuous and connected

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Launch your performance reviews
To know where each person is and locate them in your professional development matrix.
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Encourage 1:1 meetings
Between managers and their direct reports to assess results.
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Keep track of goals
That 1:1 meeting will serve to establish goals within Nailted, that will be followed up in successive 1:1s.

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