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How Sngular builds its company culture through active listening

Elena Yepes Montoya, Chief People Officer at Sngular

Company overview

Sngular is an international team of expert hands-on information technology problem solvers that helps companies leverage today’s most cutting-edge digital technologies to create value and grow.

Industry: Technological - Size: +700 - Location: 5 countries


Maintain their company culture: Sngular was growing unstoppably. The People & Culture team was concerned about how to manage the company growth without risking what makes them singular, their company culture.

Measure their efforts: measuring the results of the actions they were putting into practice to improve their company culture was a challenge for Sngular. They needed a way to analyze their efforts and define next steps.

Analyze their workplace climate: they were highly interested in checking the general mood of their employees and having a channel to receive opinions and/or suggestions to improvement and carry out new initiatives.

Why Nailted?

Insights on their employees’ satisfaction: getting consistent information on their employees’ satisfaction has helped Sngular to understand and work on their employees’ engagement; always respecting their privacy through a complete anonymity.

Quantitative and qualitative information: the People & Culture team at Sngular complements their data with their employees’ feedback to work not just on numeric data but on experiences and sensations. Now, Sngular improves their numbers but also their employees’ professional and personal lives.

Visibility on their workplace climate: now, they can detect daily matters that were not so easy to uncover before; problems, internal conflicts, inequalities, lack of satisfaction, miscommunication, etc.

New communications channels with employees: Sngular employees have perceived that the company is making an effort to listen them and act on matters that concern them.

Agility and efficiency: Sngular has saved time in uncovering situations that could be damaging their company culture and have invested this time in developing more efficient actions to improve as a company in an agile and easy way.

Elena Yepes Montoya
Chief People Officer at Sngular
"Nailted has helped us to identify these matters and act on them. It has saved us time and we have been able to develop more efficient actions. We have improved as a company in an agile and easy way"

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