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Drive professional growth with individual career paths

Increase engagement and satisfaction by helping them unlock their full potential.

A complete software for managing employee career paths

Elevate all team's performance

Create as many career paths as you need
Tailored to each role and aligned with your company’s specific needs.
Assign roles to each career path
Helping employees understand their career path and the steps needed to advance their careers.
Define levels for each competency
Providing a clear view of the unique characteristics and requirements for each level.
A complete software for managing employee career paths
How it works

Integrated with your performance reviews

Actionable feedback for well-structure career paths

Locate each employee in the competency matrix
Identify high-potential employees and those needing further development, streamlining promotion and role assignment decisions.
Identify top performers
Detect high-potential talent and prepare them for more advanced roles within the company.
Detect training needs early
Identify gaps in employee skills to ensure effective and ongoing professional development.

Increase engagement and reduce turnover

Career paths according to individual needs

Engage your talent
Establish clear development opportunities, making employees feel appreciated and motivated.
Foster team motivation and performance
Having a well-structured career path improves alignment to achieve goals, resulting in more effective teams.
Boost key competencies
Career paths help employees develop the skills needed to advance in their roles, ensuring readiness for future challenges.
Increase engagement and reduce turnover

Career paths seamlessly integrated with your people processes

Optimize and connect all processes that enhance the employee experience

to-do list
Performance reviews
Well-structured and actionable performance feedback.
meetings icon
1:1 Meetings
Continuous monitoring of employees' career development.
Goal icon
Goals & OKRs
Goals and OKRs that support employees’ career paths.
Analytics icon
People analytics
Data to make the right decisions about talent development.

Create a solid career path for your teams’ growth with Nailted

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