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Align your employees with company goals with OKRs

Build a high-performing team by linking individual goals to company goals.

Discover the benefits of implementing the OKR framework in your company

Your team united towards the same goals

Boost performance
Give your team a clear direction, get them focused on results and allow them to clearly see how their efforts impact the success of the organization.
Collaboration and responsibility
Create a culture of collaboration, transparency and responsibility by providing visibility on the goals assigned to each person.
Improve the employee experience
The connection between personal and company goals strengthens engagement and creates an environment where each person feels valued, recognized and motivated.
Nailted OKR module showing nested goals
Nailted OKR module showing the status of the company goals

Company overview through OKRs

Monitoring and control of what is happening

Easy dashboard tracking
Monitor the progress of OKRs for all individuals and teams in an easy and intuitive way.
Ensure the involvement of all
Review the goals assignment and make sure that everyone is part of the company's progress by having their goals defined.
Increase your chances of success
Easily detect goals with no activity and resolve blockages early to maximize the probability of success.

An easy tool for the whole team

Simplicity with the maximum power

Create the structure you need
Organize a tailored hierarchy of goals and define key results in a simple way.
Make it easy for managers
Allow managers to supervise their team goals, and their team to easily visualize how their goals connect with those of others.
Keep everyone informed
Get everyone up to date through automatic notifications.
Nailted OKR module where you can see the depth of the company goals nesting

Your company goals fully integrated into your People strategy

Connect all processes for the benefit of the employee experience

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Performance reviews
Performance analysis based on measurable goals.
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1:1 meetings
Visibility and goals follow-up in 1:1 meetings
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Employee recognition
Encourage the recognition of achievements among peers.
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People analytics
Relate your metrics trends to the progress of company goals.

With Nailted you can define and manage goals regardless of the methodology you use.

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