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Reduce turnover and build loyalty among your team

Consolidate yourself as a manager by acquiring skills that will make you a better manager and with which you can achieve a high-performance team.

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Training/consolidating yourself as a manager will help you to become more involved with your team and generate a greater commitment to pursue your goals but also those of the organization. With our leadership program, we will help you to consolidate as a manager through training activities, developing a growth mindset to align and achieve your team's goals and empowering an inspirational leadership.
Celia Selmes
Celia Selmes
General Manager - Nailted Academy

What management problems can you find daily?

As managers, we have daily challenges

I have conflictive people on my team.

I find it difficult to give negative feedback to people on my team.

I feel my team doesn't trust me.

I can't correct a person's performance on my team.

I don't know how to motivate my team.

I find it challenging to have difficult conversations about performance, role changes, layoff...

I would like to correct some behaviours of a person on my team, but I don't know how to approach it.

I don't know how to help the people on my team in their professional development.

Course objectives

Our program pursues two main objectives:

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Skills development
To develop your ability to positively influence your team to work on their professional development and achieve objectives.
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Key resources
To acquire critical resources to resolve conflicts proactively.

What benefits does the program provide daily?

Consolidate your role as Manager / Leader
By strengthening a highly committed team aligned with the organization's objectives.
Self-knowledge: Through the DISC methodology
You will identify your communication and leadership style, strengths and areas for improvement as a manager.
Situational leadership
You will know your team in greater depth, and you will be able to manage each person differently according to their level of seniority and commitment in the company.
Communication routines
You will establish communication routines with the people on your team through tools such as 1:1s, allowing you to create psychologically safe spaces to work on their professional development.
Anticipate conflict situation
You will learn to anticipate conflict situations that will allow you to neutralise critical elements and effectively conduct difficult conversations.
Train with your team
You can train your team's tolerance for high-speed and changing environments, allowing you to manage time and focus on what is essential.

What are you going to get?

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Strengthen your leadership skills
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Generate environments of trust
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Work on Emotional intelligence and conflict management
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Get better communication with your team and with the organisation
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Influence and motivation as levers of loyalty

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