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How Job&Talent has improved its eNPS +20 points in the first 2 years

Irene López, Engagement & Development Director at Job&Talent

Company overview

Job&Talent, a Spanish company with a strong international presence, is the global marketplace that connects workers with companies through its technology platform. With its mission to empower those who move the world, it is transforming and reinventing the temporary employment industry.

Industry: Technological - Size: +2500 - Location: 10 countries


Maintain and secure their culture: Job&Talent was experiencing exponential growth which, coupled with the pandemic and remote work, made it essential to find ways to preserve their company culture. 

Active listening to their employees: they needed a tool that would allow them to gather feedback from their employees and provide them with the rapid response capacity they needed. 

Measure the impact of their actions: and be able to launch new actions with the insights gained from their analysis.

Why Nailted?

Two-way communication between employees and the company: Nailted has enabled them to generate this type of conversation while maintaining anonymity. 

Ensuring anonymity at the root: enabling employees to give more honest answers and, therefore, more valuable to executive teams, their People team and managers. In this way, Job&Talent has been able to understand 100% of the situation in which its employees find themselves in order to define actions accordingly.

Segmentation with ad hoc filters: understanding the real concerns of each segment of the company by evaluating the metrics of different groups separately. In this way, they have been able to define actions aimed at specific groups.

Improved employee well-being: Job&Talent is committed to “measuring to improve” and Nailted has provided them with a lot of metrics to guide their decisions. Thanks to this data, they have been able to launch initiatives that have contributed to improving the well-being of their people.

Detection of areas requiring intervention: thanks to the power of People Analytics, they have been able to detect problems in specific areas of the company and launch actions that have improved these situations.

A rising eNPS: Job&Talent has managed to increase its eNPS by +20 points in the first two years.

Cultural affinity between Job&Talent and Nailted: this facilitated the understanding of their problems, the process of implementing the tool, and the communication between Job&Talent and Nailted.

"Nailted is so embedded in the daily lives of our employees that if we turn it off, the employee's voice would no longer be heard"

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