Employee Experience Trends: Tech EX Report 2023

It might sound obvious to ask, but do you know what the employee experience is? What impacts it so you can tell if it’s a good or bad experience?

This employee experience analysis provides visibility on the top 7 concerns of tech employees in 2023. In addition, through a walkthrough of 8 key employee experience factors, it gives you ideas for questions to include in your satisfaction surveys and allows you to extract KPIs to measure your people’s experience.

The Tech Employee Experience Report 2023 is here!

An Employee Experience Research

Key factors


Tech Companies

Tech Employees

With this study you can learn more about 8 representative employee experience factors. From the conclusions drawn, you can apply what you learn to your specific case. In this way, you can understand how to improve the employee experience in your company and create a better place to work.

The Tech Employee Experience Report 2023 is the result of the analysis of anonymized data from 10,213 Tech employees from 91 tech companies. Data extracted from the Nailted platform, software for People & Culture experts, specially designed for remote / distributed teams looking to create the best possible employee experience.

What concerns Tech Employees in 2023?

  • Discover through data the top 7 concerns of tech employees in 2023.
  • Explore the strategies and recommended actions to address them.
  • More than 60 questions answered through anonymous satisfaction surveys of more than 10,000 tech employees.

Tech companies have increased their eNPS to +37 in 2023, 3 points above the previous year.

An Employee Experience framework in 2023

  • Job satisfaction: Would they recommend their company as a good place to work?
  • Corporate values: Do they like the mission and purpose of the company?
  • Work environment: Do they consider that the work environment reflects the company culture?
  • Feedback & Communication: How much importance does the company give to their opinions and suggestions?
  • Leadership & Fellowship: Can they count on their colleagues and manager when they need help?
  • Employee recognition: Do they receive honest and meaningful recognition
  • Professional development: Do they feel they have the opportunity to grow within the company?
  • Employee Engagement: Would they nominate their company for the “best place to work” awards?
  • And many more answers to the +60 most important questions of the Tech employee experience!

The Employee Experience can be measured

It is equally important to consider everything that comes together within these 8 factors. That which offers additional visibility and more detailed information about what works and what doesn’t.

The depth and detail of your metrics can turn the decisions you make 180 degrees. The more closely you analyze a problem, the sooner you can draw valuable conclusions that allow you to make the best decisions. 

Employee experience is important; it is key to the growth of any company. The data collected in this analysis helps us build the reality of the digital employee experience. They allow us to understand how they feel and what they care about most in relation to their work.

▷ Discover how to measure the digital employee experience

  • Learn what to consider when measuring the experience of your own employees.
  • Understand the employee experience map through the 8 areas explored.
  • Get access to the key questions to include in your satisfaction surveys.

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