Top 100 Employee Engagement Ideas & Tips

There is never enough that can be done to engage employees. That’s where this guide comes in – we all need help finding the employee engagement ideas that best fit the needs of our people!

Engaged employees work harder, stay with the company longer and are a great source of motivation for other colleagues to follow their example. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost it!

Top 100 Employee Engagement ideas & tips cover An HR guide to implementing employee engagement strategies in the workplace

A People Management guide to improve your Engagement Strategy

Top 100 employee engagement ideas & tips for:

  • Using an employee engagement survey.
  • Once employees have completed surveys.
  • Defining your employee engagement strategy.
  • Fostering employee development.
  • Encouraging employee engagement in new employees.
  • Keeping engagement when managing exiting employees.
  • Working on employee feedback.
  • Investing in employee benefits for engagement.
  • Making the team feel aligned and involved.
  • Fostering engagement on a daily basis.

Understading the Benefits of Employee Engagement

Benefits of Employee engagement - Increased profitability

Companies with a high level of engagement are 21% more profitable

Benefits of Employee engagement - Revenue Growth

Having a solid employee engagement strategy increases revenue by 4x

Benefits of Employee engagement - employees work harder and better

77% of employees work harder and better when they feel engaged.

Benefits of Employee engagement - lower turnover rate

A strong engagement leads to 59% lower turnover rate.

In these companies absenteeism is 41% lower than average.

Deliver the best employee experience with the right employee engagement software