Employee Development Resources
for People Leaders

All the expert resources People Leaders need to enhace employee development.

111 Questions to foster effective 1:1 Meetings

1:1 meetings are key to improve employee satisfaction across any organization.

How to give and receive meaningful Employee Feedback

A feedback culture is key to succeed but, do you know how to do it effectively?

How to use the SBI Feedback model to give effective feedback

Provide clear and effective feedback to your team.

A guide to giving & Receiving Feedback on a Remote Team

Make feedback part of your company culture to foster employees’ growth.

Create a Feedback Culture at the workplace

Create the conditions to make feedback part of everyday life in your company.

Performance Culture: Why conduct a Performance Review?

Performance Reviews as the best option to enhance Employee Development.

How managers conduct 1:1 Meetings

Maintain a healthy, transparent and ongoing communicationin your company.

Best practices and common mistakes to avoid in a Performance Review

Discover how to make the most of a Performance Review.

How to give a coworker Negative Feedback (Without destroying your relationship)

Make giving effective negative feedback easy to foster Employee Development.