Company Culture Resources
for People Leaders

All the expert resources People Leaders need to build and maintain a positive company culture.

The practical guide to Hybrid-Remote work

An essential HR guide to preserving company culture in hybrid-remote work.

Improving these harmless habits that create toxic Company Cultures

Steps to identify habits that damage company culture and combat them.

Manfred Company Culture: "People always come first"

An interview with David Bonilla, Founder & CEO at Manfred.

Managing Organizational Change to minimize impact on employees

Managing change successfully without affecting the company culture.

Colppy's way to People Management: A welcoming Culture

An interview with Ezequiel Luberriaga, People Manager at Colppy.

Apply Agile in your HR team

Be more agile in anticipating conflict and adapting to change.

Growara's approach: How startups can build their People Strategy

An interview with Julio Braceli, Founder & People Expert at Growara.

Tech Culture Report 2021

A report on company culture: What do tech employees need and care about?

Core KPIs to measure your success with People & Culture

Measuring the impact of the People team’s actions on the company culture.

Changing Company Culture: An interview with Mª Ángeles Aguilar

An interview with Mª Ángeles Aguilar, People Director at Nailted.

How to prevent Blind Spots from killing your company's performance

Keeping weaknesses from killing company performance.

Measure your Organizational Climate

Obtain visibility on blind spots, detect toxic behaviors and areas of improvement.