Employee Experience Resources
for People Leaders

All the expert resources you need to create a world-class employee experience.

Co-creating great Employee Experience with Agile HR

The Agile approach: key in how we develop great Employee Experience.

The Step-by-Step guide to DEI

An HR guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Best practices to increase Employee Satisfaction

The essentials to work on satisfaction and maintain a good company culture.

Spotahome's feedback culture: The key to Employee Satisfaction

An interview with Ester PĂ©rez, People Lead at Spotahome.

Detect Burnout and Retain your Talent

Detect burnout in time and get the insights you need to retain your talent.

How to measure Employee Satisfaction and how to improve it

Tips to improve satisfaction and succeed in the employee experience.

The power of Employee Recognition

Maintaining the habit of employee recognition over time in the workplace.

How to respond to Job Dissatisfaction: Are your employees dissatisfied?

Prevent dissatisfaction from harming the employee experience.

Developing Employee Recognition in Remote work

Recognition as a way  to improve the overall employee experience.

Keep Employee Satisfaction high

Monitor employee satisfaction to make sure it remains as high as possible.

Payfit: How to improve Employee Satisfaction during extreme growth

An interview with Giulia Miazzo, Head of People at Payfit.

6 Variables you can change to increase Job Satisfaction

What affects job satisfaction and how to improve it.