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Training to create a world-class employee experience

Consolidate your middle management line through training activities, developing in people a growth mindset to align and achieve the organization's objectives and empowering inspiring leaders.

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Conscious Leadership

A program made by and for managers

A tailor-made program where self-knowledge and conscious leadership development are the key pieces to ensure consistent and scalable team management.

New managers
For those who are new to people management and need to develop communication and management skills.
Managers with experience
Who need to be introduced to the development of communication and people management skills.
Individuals identified as potential successors to people management roles.

We help managers learn more about themselves and their communication and management style while providing them with tools that positively impact the development of their teams.

Mariano Dueñas
RRHH at A3Sec
I would recommend this training program because of the ease of communication during the process, the content and the willingness of the Nailted team. Both the theoretical part and the practical part applied to the platform were very instructive and the training was clear and concise.

Combinable and customizable modules

Because NOT all companies are the same

1. Self-awareness
Self-knowledge and conscious leadership development.
2. Team Growth
Build long-term relationships with the people on your team.
3. High Performance Teams
Reach the next level with the development of high-performance teams.
4. Nailted Connect
Put knowledge into practice.

Conscious Leadership Program adapts to the needs and maturity of your organization.

steps of the program
Includes DISC report and materials.
Online or on-site
We adapt to your preference.
Groups of up to 15 people
where everyone participates.
Take advantage of bonuses.

Module 1: Self-Awareness

We focus on self-knowledge and conscious leadership through the DISC methodology, which allows us to identify:

  • The communication and relationship style in order to understand it and adapt it to each interlocutor.
  • The leadership style with the objective of defining the type of behavior and activities that should be exercised to mobilize the group towards a common objective.
  • The conflict management to understand the aspects that the person must take into account to neutralize and optimize adverse situations with others.
  • The change management to measure a person's ability to adapt to a new environment or role, in a given period of time.
Module 1: Self-Awareness

Module 2: Grow with your team

We work on building long-term relationships by providing resources and levers to develop the people in your team.

  • How to create psychologically safe environments to build trust and cohesion.
  • How to build and conduct 1on1s meetings to get the most value out of them.
  • How to develop and implement an effective feedback 360 strategy to make it a habit.
  • How to detect, work on and neutralize the critical elements that appear in difficult conversations in order to reduce their negative impact and increase the positive impact on the dialogue.
Module 2: Grow with your team

Module 3: High Performance Teams

High-performance team building focuses primarily on developing the leader's influence as a primary tool.

  • Development of situational leadership that allows us to identify the level of maturity, commitment and technical competence of each person in the team in order to apply the leadership style that best suits them.
  • Development of communication and motivation techniques aligned with the specific developmental stage of each person in the team.
  • Development of implementation of SMART objectives. We help in the definition and implementation of realistic, defined and achievable objectives in work teams.
Module 3: High Performance Teams

Module 4: Nailted Connect

We close the circle by putting knowledge into practice.

  • Reinforces the knowledge acquired through execution with examples and use cases supported by digital tools.
  • Learn how tool and process feed each other and discover tactics that facilitate your goals.
  • Tips & tricks that allow you to adopt best practices for your day-to-day as a manager.
Module 4: Nailted Connect

The teachers

Training provided by experts

Celia Selmes
Psychologist and expert in people management, leadership and cultural transformation in organizations, she has been VP People at Cabify and CPO at Sngular. She has more than 12 years of experience in HR teams.
Celia is leading the program design and will deliver the training.
Jesús Cerviño
Co-founder of Nailted in charge of Customer Success, with extensive experience in digital product creation, he has been responsible for design at Lola Market (acquired by Glovo) and Finizens and has over 15 years of experience.
Jesús will perform the Nailted Connect modules.

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