DEI in the workplace is more than a concept related to company policies or programmes. The introduction of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been proven to create a positive impact in our workplaces. And so, supporting DEI in all aspects of their organization has become key for companies.

A study by Gartner discovered that inclusive teams in highly diverse environments improve their performance up to 30%. Yet, only 40% of employees agree that their manager fosters an inclusive culture.

So, if DEI in the workplace brings so many benefits, why do companies overlook it? Well, it’s not very easy to implement! However, People & Culture professionals admit the root of the issue is a lack of understanding of the benefits of DEI in the workplace.

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A group of diverse employees put their hands together to showcase DEI in the workplace.

DEI increases employee engagement

Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report highlights the importance of DEI in the workplace when working on employee engagement.

When companies celebrate the differences and potential of all, their employees are more likely to show trust and commitment, consequently increasing their sense of belonging. So incorporating DEI into your employee engagement strategy only translates into more engaged people who feel satisfied in the work, leading to a greater improvement in the employee experience.

Greater inclusion improves performance

It’s clear when employees feel included as an important part of your company, they feel more inclined to do their best. And so, it’s no surprise a greater engagement and sense of belonging result in higher quality work and productivity.

In fact, research confirmed DEI in the workplace highly impacts job performance:

  • Companies with a good diversity strategy experienced a 56% increase in job performance. 
  • A single incident of exclusion can lead to a 25% decrease in an individual’s performance on a team project.

Workplace diversity attracts talent

Sure, embracing DEI in the workplace will broaden your candidate options to more diverse choices. But did you know it also attracts more talent? When you open your doors to all kinds of candidates, you’re defining how they view your company.

According to a research by Glassdoor, 76% of people consider DEI in the workplace to be a very important factor when evaluating a job offer or looking for new career opportunities.
2 diverse employees share food at work.

A diverse workplace innovate more

A diverse group can offer a wider variety of ideas, and consequently reach a wider range of potential customers. In truth, it’s only obvious that mixing different ways of thinking and working can only provide a higher chance at innovation for your company.

A research by Harvard Business Review confirmed that companies who reinforced DEI in the workplace had 19% higher innovation revenues. 
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DEI means better decisions

Most of the time, decisions at companies are taken by a smaller group of people at the top. However, those that include minority voices in the decision-making process gain new perspectives, and consequently enable decisions that might not have been made otherwise.

In fact, inclusive decision-making has been proven to offer a competitive advantage to businesses. Recent studies by Cloverpop show that 87% of the time, companies who have embraced DEI in the workplace make better decisions.
3 diverse employees have a meeting outside the office.

Start incorporating DEI in the workplace

As you see, DEI in the workplace can bring many benefits to your business. Embracing your employees’ and candidates’ differences not only brings a more diverse group to your organization, but also more security and engagement to your teams. 

Taking steps to create a positive DEI strategy is essential to building a happy workforce and positive company culture, which only translates into benefits for your teams and your business.

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