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How Cloud District has achieved a +74 eNPS

Jaime Serrano, Founder & Managing Director at Cloud District

Company overview

Cloud District is a digital product consultancy company that helps companies thrive in the digital world. They love to conceptualize, develop and design innovative services, generating significant transformations in their clients.

Industry: Technological & Product - Size: +50 - Location: 2 countries


Take care of their remote employees: the pandemic of 2020 forced Cloud District employees to work from home. Keeping an eye on everyone and make sure they feel involved became a more complex task.

Create a new channel for feedback: Cloud District needed a feedback channel for the new challenges they were facing due to the global pandemic.

Achieve an eNPS of 80: Cloud District has the goal to achieve 80% employee satisfaction by the end of the year. They need a tool to track the health and the mood of their teams.

Why Nailted?

Remote employees feeling involved: Cloud District has succeeded in maintaining transparent communication with their employees, making them feel involved, besides the sudden move towards remote work originated from the global pandemic.

New feedback channel: they have implemented a new feedback channel that they didn’t have before. A new tool that allows them to work with different approaches and different moments for feedback.

A recognition habit that works: employees at Cloud District love the Nailted claps feature and it has created different dynamics in the company that they were not expecting.

Leadership development: Cloud District has empowered their managers allowing them to track their reports’ feedback and their one-on-one meetings with their teammates.

Insights on their employee satisfaction: the mood map has allowed Cloud District to track the health and mood of their employees and monitor the specific level of satisfaction of each given team.

A rising eNPS: Cloud District closed the year with an eNPS of 74 and it keeps rising at the present time.

"We needed to create a new channel for the challenges that we were facing and Nailted was great for that"

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