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How Cloud District has succeeded in remote work by implementing a new communication channel

Jaime Serrano, Founder & Managing Director at Cloud District

Company overview

Cloud District is a digital product consultancy company that helps companies thrive in the digital world. They love conceptualizing and developing digital products, desinging innovative services and generating meaningful transformations. Cloud District builds digital products following robust processes and with the most suitable technologies to support their clients in their transformation.

Industry: Technological & Product - Size: +50 - Location: 2 countries


Take care of their remote employees: the pandemic of 2020 forced Cloud District employees to work from home. Keeping an eye on everyone and make sure they feel involved became a more complex task.

Create a new channel for feedback: Cloud District needed a feedback channel for the new challenges they were facing due to the global pandemic.

Achieve an eNPS of 80: Cloud District has the goal to achieve 80% employee satisfaction by the end of the year. They need a tool to track the health and the mood of their teams.

Why Nailted

Remote employees feeling involved: Cloud District has succeeded in maintaining transparent communication with their employees, making them feel involved, besides the sudden move towards remote work originated from the global pandemic.

New feedback channel: they have implemented a new feedback channel that they didn’t have before. A new tool that allows them to work with different approaches and different moments for feedback.

A recognition habit that works: employees at Cloud District love the Nailted claps feature and it has created different dynamics in the company that they were not expecting.

Leadership development: Cloud District has empowered their managers allowing them to track their reports’ feedback and their one-on-one meetings with their teammates.

Insights on their employee satisfaction: the mood map has allowed Cloud District to track the health and mood of their employees and monitor the specific level of satisfaction of each given team.

A rising eNPS: Cloud District closed the year with an eNPS of 74 and it keeps rising at the present time.

"We needed to create a new channel for the challenges that we were facing and Nailted was great for that"

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