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How Pascual has improved its eNPS +10 points in only 6 months

Palmira García, Talent, Leadership & Culture Director at Pascual

Company overview

Pascual is a family company with more than 50 years of experience. Its purpose is to give the best in the future of the food industry, in welfare with products of the best nutritional quality, in development generating a positive impact on the community and in the environment betting on the circular economy. Its values; quality, closeness, innovation, integrity and passion, set the course of the company and define the why and wherefore of its existence.

Industry: Food industry - Location: Spain


Improve their employee listening tools: the traditional tools they were using did not give them the agility and rapid response capacity they needed.

Monitor the well-being of their employees in real time: they needed a real picture of how their people are doing at all times in a totally anonymous way, allowing segmentation by areas of the company while maintaining that anonymity.

Reinforce their feedback culture: Pascual already had a culture of active listening to their people, they needed tools to reinforce their feedback and recognition processes.

Involve managers in the employee experience: they needed a tool to help managers grow their team and ensure the well-being of their people.

Why Nailted?

Very solid methodology: which has allowed Pascual to create a very agile culture of continuous feedback.

Helping to meet business challenges: Nailted is increasingly present on the agendas of Pascual’s management meetings, in support of the importance of listening and the well-being of employees in order to achieve success.

Real-time people analytics: resolution of problems and concerns that may arise to improve the employee experience.

Segmentation for a greater impact on the employee experience: the segmentation of its engagement metrics by areas of the company allows Pascual to carry out very specific actions adapted to each need, generating much more impact.

Improved team cohesion: thanks to the gamification of the recognition process, Nailted’s claps has provided Pascual with the feedback culture they were looking for and guaranteed a boost of energy for all employees to start the week strong.

The data speaks for itself: more than 600,000 claps sent in the first six months of the year indicate a strong commitment to peer recognition.

Great customer experience: in Palmira’s words “from Nailted we highlight, in addition to the functionalities of the tool itself, their team. The closeness and agility with which we have worked together has been fantastic. Their way of solving our doubts, the implementation, the new developments, in the end have guaranteed us a fantastic customer experience”.

A rising eNPS: Pascual has managed to increase its eNPS by +10 points in just 6 months.

"Nailted helps us realize our purpose, to give our best"

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