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The easiest way to make sure everyone is recognized

36% of employees claim they leave their jobs because of a lack of recognition. Claps are a powerful mechanism to adopt this habit in your team and achieve a positive feedback culture.

Build up a positive feedback culture, encourage fellowship, create good vibes and develop friendship among the team.

A lightweight recognition process that follows best practises and creates a real impact. See why people love it.

Recognition habit that works

A weekly loop of positive feedback

The Friday claps
Every Friday we give +100 claps to everyone so they can send them to their colleagues. A gamification to help people enjoy a powerful process.
From “random” to a habit
Spontaneous recognition is good, but hard to control and usually it just doesn't happen. Claps are specially designed to create this habit in your team.
Monday motivation
We collect all the claps sent until Monday, then we release them along with all the messages. A powerful way to start the week with the batteries fully-charged.
A weekly loop of positive feedback

A powerful tool for alignment

Frequent recognition can boost productivity by 31%

For Managers
Effortlessly give recognition to everyone in your team and reinforce desired behaviors
For HR
Gain visibility, detect weak spots and improve your company culture.

Do it right

Use a method that works and avoid mistakes

Prevent side-effects
You just want everyone to say good things to others. This is why claps are private. In this way we achieve a more pure recognition, avoiding any possible ulterior motive.
No rankings and no rewards
By doing it this way, we prevent comparisons between people, because the recognition that really works it’s never a competition.
Don’t forget anyone
Ensure everyone is having their work recognized. Allow managers to easily get track of every clap they’ve sent and detect if someone needs more attention.
Recognition in a right way

Remote companies love it

Because it helps create a connection and it’s async

Don’t let them feel apart
Make sure there is at least one moment to connect, and that it happens in a positive way. It’s important for people to feel others are noticing they work, especially at a distance.
Async, and lightweight
People send their claps when they find the time. You don’t have to rely on meetings or casual watercooler conversations.
Stay in control
Easily monitor if recognition is reaching everyone. Segmenting by teams allows you to detect weak points and teams that may need attention.
Recognition in remote teams

Integrated with slack

It works seamlessly with slack, just connect and watch it works

Slack integration

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