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Show off your company culture with the Nailted badge

Strengthen your Company Culture and build a people-first organization with Nailted

In Nailted we reward commitment to employees. We applaud those companies that care about their people and work toward making their employees' experience shine! 🌟
Everybody should be proud to say that their company cares about their employees. The Nailted badge is a way of showing this pride and working on your employer branding by getting recognized for preserving something as important as your company culture.
The Nailted badge for Company Culture advocates

Companies that are already company culture advocate

Pascual Company - Company culture advocate ProductHackers - Company culture advocate Deiser Company - Company culture advocate Carto Company - Company culture advocate Bdeo logo - Company culture advocate El Confidencial - Company culture advocate

How to become a Company Culture advocate?

Support a culture that puts your people first to make them feel happier at work, more engaged with their company and more motivated in what they do

💎 A Company Culture advocate...
  • Believes in preserving a positive feedback culture to maintain their employees’ psychological safety.
  • Supports transparency and active communication to understand their people’s emotions, concerns and interests.
  • Motivates managers to have regular 1:1 meetings with their reports to give everyone a voice.
  • Encourages employees to celebrate their colleagues’ good work and achievements to make a habit of giving recognition.
  • Acknowledges that company success goes along with making people grow.
  • Puts people first and promotes good work environments.
  • Preserves a direct and anonymous communication channel for their employees to express their opinions freely.
  • Leads by inspiring people to increase their self-confidence and motivation.
🎯 To become a Company Culture advocate...
  • Periodical surveys and check ins to employees.
  • Regular one-on-one meetings between managers and direct reports.
  • Employee recognition procedures at least once per week.
  • An anonymous and direct communication channel for employees.
You can implement all these processes in 2 minutes using Nailted!
Furthermore, as you’ll be using Nailted, we can make sure those procedures are being correctly implemented!

Having a great company culture pays off

Building high-trust company cultures increases employees’ loyalty, strengthens employer branding and originates high-performing companies - It’s a win-win!

  • Results in happier employees.
  • Boosts motivation and productivity.
  • Enhances employee retention.
  • Attracts top talent.
  • Builds brand reputation.
  • Generates better employees’ alignment with company values.
  • Improves company performance.

When companies don’t look after their company culture and end up having a poor one, 48% of employees start looking for a new job

Percentage people start looking for a new job

Get recognized for being a Company Culture advocate with Nailted!

Learn how to build your company culture and achieve this recognition with pride. Show you care about your employees, put your people first!