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Los comentarios de nuestros usuarios hablan por sí solos.

Lo que dicen de nosotros

Natalia de M.
Head of HR
People Analytics

I like the light survey, which gives information in a holistic approach.

Florence B.
Team manager - C-level
Great for us to understand team morale through the pandemic

Integration with Slack. Simple UI. The team mood map. The motivation that the claps feature gives to our team.

Celeste C.
Head of People
"Lovely software, indeed a game-changer"

How everything is thought and put together to engage user and increase employee participation

Marta E.
RRHH generalist
This is how we work on employee feedback

We can get in real time wich are the most important issues we have, and also wich are the best practices that are working to solve them. Besides, if we have any problem with the tool, Nailted's team always have a quick solution to fix it and some advices to improve our results.

Jose Carlos C.
A game-changer for our company's culture

A complete tool to understand our teams mood and needs, that gives us the needed tools to improve our company's health regarding people.

Alberto E..
Nailted allows for recognition, which turns out to be further more important than it seems.

The experience as a whole. Initially, it can be a bit boring to use, but once you get used to it, it's a wonderful tool.

Elena Y.
Chief People Officer
A way to adapt to the new HR/People and culture vision

It is an all-in-one solution. Everything you might think you need to engage and build your culture can be found and used within Nailted. Also the personal treat they give every client.

Miguel M.
Great to bring teams together

On remote, the people analytics and feedback features were really useful to understand how people were feeling, in order to take action.

Beatriz Z.
Scrum Master
Una herramienta necesaria para cualquier empresa

Súper fácil de usar, muy útil y permite ver en el momento dónde están los puntos de mejora de la empresa de cara a la relación con los empleados.

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