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Find out how Nailted can help you manage your team.

Practical use cases with which you will learn how to get the most out of Nailted and thus achieve a fully integrated team.

Engage your hybrid-remote team

While working from home, understanding your team is vital

Boost Employee Motivation

36% of employees claim they leave their jobs because of lack of recognition. Make sure everyone’s work is recognized.

Detect burnout and retain your talent

Detect burnout in time and get the insights you need to retain your talent.

Create a feedback culture

Create the necessary conditions to make feedback an essential part of everyday life in your company.

Apply Agile in your HR team

Be more agile in anticipating conflicts and adapting to change. Focus on doing more valuable work that impacts positively in your company culture.

Keep employee satisfaction high

Monitor employee satisfaction to make sure it remains as high as possible over time

Measure your organizational climate

Obtain visibility on blind spots, detect toxic behaviors, dissatisfaction and areas of improvement.

Success stories

See how other companies are already making big improvements

How Cloud District has achieved a value of +74 of eNPS.
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How Sngular is building up their culture by listening to their employees.
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How Excem obtains 250 improvement suggestions made in just 8 months!
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